How to Delete Duplicate Files – Windows 7 Duplicate Finder


Cause of duplicate files

What kinds of problems are caused by duplicate files? Many people are using computers no matter what field they work in, greater use has also brought greater problems along with it, one of which is ‘duplicate files’ – they not only occupy the hard drive but also slow down your computer. Besides, having so many duplicate files creates a mess and decreases your work efficiency.
To fight against the troubles that unnecessary files bring, you can use a duplicate file fider. That is the easiest way to get rid of them. It has proven to be a reliable tool can identify duplicate files byte by byte for accurate and faster results. DuplicateCure is a great help when you have to sort out a huge number of document image files photos, songs, Emails, documents, etc. These files could be closely identical and yet different and need sorting on a certain basis.
Using a Windows 7 duplicate finder is the most effective method to find duplicates.

The most important functions

  • Apply for all file types

There are a variety of file types in Windows 7, it is important that the duplicate finder supports all kinds of files and find every type of them, such as word, html, mp3, mp4, etc. With a good software, you can select specific types of duplicates that you want from Search Criteria easily.

  • Show a scanning report

A qualified duplicates cleaner should present you a detail information of result after a fast and thorough scanning process. You can judge from the information to decide which one to remove and which one should be retained. Thus, you don’t need to fear that your important data will be removed with careless quick click. And you should be aware that some programs do not have this function.

  • Support all devices

Thirdly, supporting all kinds of removable devices is a consideration you have to consider. You could have a lot of unwanted files in your portable storage devices. With using a good duplicates finder that can finds and deletes duplicates in removable devices, you will easily clean up any worthless files in your cellphone, iPad, PSP, MP4 and so on.

  • Users – friendly layout

At last, a good Windows 7 duplicate file cleaner should have a user-friendly design which operates very efficiently, and helps to highlight and remove a considerable number of unwanted copies on the system.

DuplicateCure is easy to use and runs very fast. If you don’t know which one to choose to clean duplicate files for Windows 7, I would like to strongly recommend this powerful tool that I use to you.

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