Find Duplicate File And Delete Them With Ease -How to Guide

Is your computer performance getting slower and slower? Do you continually getting error messages telling you ‘Low Disk Space’ when you are trying to download and save some files? Well, if you are experiencing these problems, perhaps it is time to free up some space for your drives, you can free up space through uninstalling unnecessary programs/software, but that’s not enough, for a long time used computer, duplicate files might be a bigger problem that occupy a huge amount of the drive space.

Where does Delete Duplicates come from

Duplicate data can be any types of file including document, music file, video, photo, software component file, etc, you may download the same document/video/image from the internet without noticing, or you moved a file to another location of the computer and forgot to delete the original one, or you reinstall certain application without uninstalling it completely first, all these action can result in duplicate file

How to find Duplicates files and delete them?

Ignoring the duplicate files and leaving them inside your computer could only end up bad result, it is suggest to remove all duplicate file before them start causing problems on your computer. How to find duplicate files? There are a number of different way to do it, if you prefer to do it manually, here are the steps.

  • Click Start button at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Click on Search option, click ‘Files and Folders’.
  • Type in the file formate (file extension) of duplicate file that you want to find.
  • Click Search button.
  • After the search finished, scroll down the search result and look for the file with the same name
  • Delete the duplicate file you found (you can right click the file and select Properties to check the file location before the deletion)
  • Repeat the above step to find and delete duplicate files of other formats.

Since there are so many file types/formats, to manually find out all the duplicate file and delete them could be a time-consuming task, if you are looking for a better and easier way to find duplicate file and delete them, DuplicateCure – a professional duplicate file cleaner is the one you should go for.

DuplicateCure – find and delete duplicate file automatically

DuplicateCure is a award-winning program that offers convenient solutions to find duplicate file and delete them. It adopts the latest scan algorithm which is able to scan a huge amount of computer data within seconds to find out duplicate files, even the files are named with different names.


Features and benefits of using DuplicateCure

  • Easy and intuitive user interface – helpful guide for each step.
  • Powerful engine algorithm to enable comprehensive and fast duplicates removal.
  • Flexibly scan Multiple Computers, Drives, Folders.
  • Custom settings to allow you search any duplicates easily and specifically.
  • Search and delete any duplicates files, documents, photos, video, and songs.
  • Search and delete files from your drive and other portable devices.
  • offers you options to delete duplicate files temporarily or permanently.
  • 24/7 Email technical support to resolve your any support requests.

Still wondering how to find and delete duplicate files? Why not try out DuplicateCure here and see how easily it could help you out with the duplicate file problem.

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