Download the Best Windows Duplicate File Finder Software – Free Review

Why Use the Best Windows Duplicate File Finder Software DuplicateCure 2013?

DUPLICATE files like commonly seen *.exe, *.tif, *.gif, *.jpg, *.avi and many more will be created and stored on your computer system because of your daily computer activities such as the “Download”, or “Copy and Paste”. The aforementioned items will occupy valuable hard disk space. Thus, DuplicateCure (2013) is your perfect solution to resolving the duplicate files and other disorganized items by deleting identical multiple sources and suchlike on your Windows.

    • DuplicateCure is superb and easy-to-use with its unique search options for unlimited number of true duplicates: this duplicate file finder application can find, organize duplicate items in just a few clicks! DuplicateCure is like a laundry service for a clean Windows!


    • DuplicateCure is SMARTER than other duplicate file finder software: this app works well & intelligently using cutting-edge algorithms (using Hash and more features) and helps you effectively find useless duplicate files.


How to Use DuplicateCure, the most flexible Duplicate File Finder Software?

    • Click here to save the OFFICIAL DuplicateCure software on your 32-bit and/or 64-bit Windows computer with easy.
    • Run DuplicateCure’s installer file as administrator user.


    • When you complete the quick install procedure of DuplicateCure. You can launch it then.


    • Now, we can start the removal of duplicate files on your device.
    • With the default options in “Regular Mode” section, we can easily specify the way how we want DuplicateCure to configure our duplicate files removal task.
    • Next, we click Scan Now button.
    • Soon, DuplicateCure’s search completed quickly. We click Review Report button.


    • All duplicate files appeared in the “Duplicate Files – What you found” tab with “File Name”, “Path”, “Size”, date added/modified, “Hash”, “Group”, and “Status”.


    • It is a good idea to send those collected items to Windows Recycle Bin firstly, especially if you will use a system cleaner like CCleaner or other utility that clean temporary files and more.



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